Friday, June 4, 2010

Broken Heart

To the 47 year old man that came into my facility last night -

You sir, and I use that term in the loosest way possible, are a piece of shit.

Your responsibility to your 8 year old daughter is to love her and protect her. Expressing your "fatherly love" by sexually abusing her makes you a complete waste of human life.

You sir, are the poster child for Capital Punishment. Although even that may be too good for you. After reading what you did to this child, I am in full support of much worse forms of torture. And I am not a vindictive or evil person. I am a staunch defender of Innocent until proven guilty. But you provided a full, detailed, admission of your crimes. You no longer have the benefit of Innocent until proven guilty. You should not be afforded a tax-payer paid trial with a jury of your peers. You will be provided the lowest Public Defender on the totem pole, because no other Defense Attorney will touch your case. He or She will give your defense their best shot, because that is what they are sworn to do, but you will lose. And I hope you receive a swift, brutal punishment. Although the fact that you will now spend the rest of your natural life on the tax-payers dime in a Correctional Facility irks me a little bit. But at least you won't be out free, victimizing other children.

Telling my nursing staff you were feeling suicidal was the last straw for me. Now it is my responsibility to place you in a rubber room, take all of your clothing and put you in a safety suit, and monitor you every minute you are in my facility, all because you felt you might want to kill yourself. I now have to baby sit you, and no matter my personal feelings towards you, it is my responsibility to protect you and make sure you make it out my facility upright and breathing. On the personal side I could care less what you do to yourself, but on the professional side I have to dedicate myself to making sure you do not hurt yourself. And if you do happen to find a way to hurt yourself, it is then my responsibility to provide medical care to you to get your heart beating again until the paramedics get there. I would do these things without thinking twice, because that is what my agency entrusts me to do, but I would not be happy to do it on a waste of a person such as you.

Let's talk about your eight year old daughter, the one you repeatedly and brutally victimized. This baby, and that is what she is, loved you as her father. She trusted you, and you not only physically abused her, but caused unknown amounts of mental and emotional turmoil that she had no way to deal with. That is why your baby took her shoe strings, tied them together, tied them around her neck, and hung herself using her closet rod. How does an eight year old know how to do that? And when you rushed her to the hospital, claiming to not know how this could happen, I'm sure you put on quite a show. But then, then the doctors and nurses did a trauma exam, which is required by state law. And they found your dirty little secret. When the cops questioned you about it, you spilled your guts and told them everything. Now your daughter is on life-support with no hope of recovery. The only good that will come out of this is some child somewhere will receive a very much needed organ so that they may live.

So you sir, you are the one who killed your daughter. Your actions caused this, and may you forever rot in hell for it.

I can usually leave work at work and not bring it home. This, I couldn't. I cried for the life lost of this little girl, I cried for the suffering she must have endured, and I cried for how everyone and everything failed this baby, until she did the only thing she could to make it stop. I am crying as I write this now. This will stay with me forever.

Hug your kids. Tell them that you love them.

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  1. I was sexually abused when I was about this little girl's age by an uncle. The emotional scars never leave, but this little girl has no chance of working through the worst and having children of her own if that would be her choice.

    The life of a child is precious and they should never have to endure abuse. These are the kind of people I think should just never get to breathe the same air we do. I know it sounds harsh but I think if they can't be rehabilitated, they don't need to be here.